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Stage sparkle is what makes a performer pop. Being on the stage as a drag queen, singer, dancer or theatrical performer is the one time that you really get to have fun and dress the part. Whatever your genre is, your dress should reflect the style.

Imagine your clothes as a costume rather than just an outfit. Swarovski Crystals are added to dance costumes for extra sparkle. They are made of the finest quality materials and are considered by some to be the finest crystal today. What makes these crystals actually different from all others is that the lead oxide level is a minimum of thirty two percent. When this level of lead oxide is used, it makes the crystals transparent.


No other crystal can be compared to a Swarovski crystal. Daniel Swarovski founded the Swarovski Company. Daniel was born in Bohemia in 1862, and was fascinated by the industrial era to which he was born. After experimenting with electricity and glass blowing, Swarovski built a machine that was able to cut and polish glass mechanically.

He patented this machine and went into mass production. This machine gave the Swarovski Company a greater advantage over their competitors.

One of the most popular uses of the Swarovski crystals is jewellery. Other items that these incredible crystals are used for include watches, binoculars, telescopes and pens. Designers also use them to embellish their collections of shoes, dresses and handbags.

Swarovski are the most sought after crystals in the world today because of its beauty and versatility. As an entertainer, applying makeup, doing your hair, wearing your jewellery are part of the immersive experience in your role.

A dance costume that is usually put on last can complete this transformation and help you get into your character completely and wow the audience.


A dance costume is often custom designed and transformed with crystal embellishments. Especially when it is for a specific production or it could have a traditional design when used in ceremonial and folk dances. When created for a specific production, the costume can be designed to expose or enhance the lines formed by the dancer's body, express the choreographer's artistic vision, engage the audience, or combinations of all these.

Designing your dance costume is essential for your performance on stage, it makes you glow and sparkle. The crystals glitter as the stage lights fall on them. Everyone loves and admires a good bit of bling and adding a little to your outfit can really create that glamorous wow factor. You get to wow the audience and make them feel amazed by the beautiful dress and crystals on them.


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Drag Queen Image by Rochelle Brown on Unsplash

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