Swarovski Shape Mixes


Last month I introduced you to the basics available in Swarovski crystals, and now we are taking it to the next level: Swarovski Shape Mixes. With nail art designs becoming bolder, and people getting braver with their looks, stand out crystal designs are being seen more and more in everyday nail art creations, not just in magazines and on the catwalk.

Crystal Parade has really made it easy to incorporate a statement ‘bling’ nail that will stand out from the crowd. Their Swarovski Shape Mixes are ready-made nail art in a bag!

Each mix is made up of different sized Swarovski crystals, and Crystal Parade have done all the work for you by choosing a variety of colours that complement each other. But what makes these mixes different is that they also include at least 2 bigger shaped crystals which can be used as the central point to your nail art design.

I love these mixes when I’m feeling uninspired because, with each mix being themed, you can easily use them as inspiration, so my colours and designs are chosen to match the crystal mix.


So, when I work with Swarovski Shape Mixes, I create my nail design and have one nail as a block colour. It’s very rare I have a placement in mind I tend to just go with the flow! But I do like things to be symmetrical.

I will always start with the big shape as the central point to the design and build it from there.


Swarovski Shape Mixes 2

The Mirror Mirror mix features crystal cubes and is made up of Clear, Light Chrome and Jet Hematite crystals.


Swarovski Shape Mixes 3

This Disney Villain inspired mix contains Blue Zircon, Aquamarine, Light Siam, Purple Velvet, Jet and Black Diamond crystals and 4 Silver Night Rectangles.


Swarovski Shape Mixes 4

In the Cosy Nights mix, you get a selection of Rose Gold, Blush Rose, Black Diamond, Dark Indigo Crystals and Rose Gold Rhombus shapes.


Swarovski Shape Mixes 5

This Coral Twist mix features flatback crystals is Clear, Light Peach, Rose Peach and Whit Opal. It also includes the most beautiful Rose Peach fans.


Swarovski Shape Mixes 6

In this wintery mix you get White Opal, Light Sapphire, Clear and Provence Lavender crystals plus Crystal Shards.


Swarovski Shape Mixes

This Dead Wicked mix is inspired by the musical Wicked. It has Paradise Shine, Fern Green, Purple Velvet and Black Diamond crystals along with Iridescent Green Trapeze Shapes.

To tie the whole set together, I would use a few crystals on 1 or 2 other nails. There would be plenty left over after you have created your feature nail.


My Top Tips for Using Shapes

  • Place the shape first and build the design around it.
  • Use smaller crystals to lock the shape in place - if there are bits sticking up because of the nail curve push small crystals underneath.
  • Micro Beads or Crystal Pixie/Faerie are great for filling in gaps,
  • If the shapes are really big use acrylic or gel to stick down.
  • Matte top coat really helps the crystal design pop, but don’t top coat over your crystals.

Thank you for reading this month’s blog - I hope you have enjoyed it. See you again next month for lots more sparkliness.

Love Helen xx


Thanks to Helen for taking her valuable time to share some inspiring new tips on using the trending Swarovski Shape Mixes. These mixes are truly amazing and will catch even the most jaded eye with the color and brilliance.


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