In rhinestone crafting, the precision and quality of your work heavily depends on the condition of your tools. Proper maintenance of these tools, such as cleaning and storing them correctly, is crucial. Well maintained tools not only ensures accurate and efficient placement of rhinestones but also extends the lifespan of the tools, making your crafting process smoother and more enjoyable.

Taking good care of your rhinestone crafting tools can really make a difference to their effectiveness. When you keep tools like the Crystal Katana in great shape, it's easier to get those rhinestones just where you want them, making your work professional. A bit of time spent on cleaning and tidying away your tools can make a big difference in the quality and appearance of your final piece.

Cleaning Your Rhinestone Crafting Tools

Keeping your tools clean is essential, if your pick up tool, glue bottle or application syringe gets dusty, dirty or greasy, this will transfer to your crystals, ruining the look of your project. Excess glue in particular can be a problem, if you don’t clean glue off your tools, it will attract dust which is harder to clean when dry and will ultimately dull the sparkle of the rhinestones. Here are some tips to ensure your craft tools are kept clean at the end of a day’s crystallising:


To clean a Crystal Katana or other crystal pick up tool, just give the wax tip a gentle wipe to clear off any glue, dust or leftover bits. Avoid using anything too harsh that could scratch or damage it. Keeping it clean helps the tool work its best for all your rhinestone projects. If the tip gets less sticky over time, you might need to reshape or replace it to keep your crafting on point. Rhinestone pickers should be stored in an airtight container to stop the wax end from drying out. If you purchase the storage box, this is ideal, otherwise you can keep it in its original packaging or some tissue paper.


To maintain your craft tweezers, regularly clean them to remove any glue or dirt. This can be done with a soft cloth and, if necessary, an alcohol wipe. Keep them dry to prevent rust, and store them safely to avoid damaging the tips.


To keep your glue applicators clean, regularly wipe off any excess glue with a piece of cloth or paper towel. If the glue has hardened, soaking the tip in a solvent like nail polish remover can help loosen it. Or it can be picked away using a sharp pin. Always ensure the applicator is completely clean and dry before storing it, to prevent clogging and so you can use it for your next project. For more information on craft glue, check out our Guide to Glue.


If you use a syringe to apply glue, you can store the glue inside it overnight if you seal the end with cling film. However, if you know you won’t be using the glue again for a while, squeeze all the glue leftover back into the bottle and flush the syringe through with hot soapy water to clean it. Allow to dry thoroughly before using it again.


If you like to embellish with hotfix crystals and use the hotfix wand regularly, you can end up with glue from the hotfix rhinestones stuck to the metal tips. To keep the tips of your hotfix wand clean, gently wipe off any excess adhesive after each use. It's important to do this when the wand is cool to avoid burns. Regular cleaning will prevent build-up and ensure your hotfix wand works effectively for each project. If the tips get clogged up with dried glue, they will not pick up your rhinestones properly. Don’t forget you can purchase spare hotfix tips to replace any damaged ones.


To keep your work mat and area clean and tidy, regularly wipe down the surface to remove any debris or adhesive residue. Organize your tools and materials in a way that makes them easily accessible. A clean and organized workspace not only prevents tools and materials from getting damaged but also makes your crafting process more efficient and enjoyable. It reduces distractions, helping you focus better on the intricate details of your projects. If you use a dolly board for blinging dancewear, clothing or performance costumes, you must keep this clean to ensure no dirt is transferred to the fabric.

Proper Storage Techniques

Proper storage is crucial for preserving the condition of crafting tools, especially high value tools like the crystal katana or hotfix wand. Using toolboxes and organizers can prevent damage and keep tools easily accessible, as well as being useful for transporting them. Delicate tools such as rhinestone pickers, nail art tools and tweezers should be separated or wrapped up to avoid them knocking against each other, which could cause wear or misalignment. It's also important to store your tools in a dry environment to prevent rust or corrosion, especially for metal components like the tips for a hotfix wand. This care in organizing and storing not only extends the life of your tools but also ensures they're ready and in perfect condition for your next crafting session.

Maintaining Hotfix Applicators




Maintaining your hotfix applicator wand is vital for continued good quality rhinestone application. Regular cleaning of the metal tips is essential, as residue from glue can affect its performance, leading to less efficient or uneven application of rhinestones. To prevent clogs and blockages, it's recommended to clean the tip after each use, ensuring any glue is completely removed. This can usually be done when the tip is cool, using a wire brush. If you notice any dried glue from a previous day, it can be picked off with a pin or sharp tool.

Caring for Rhinestone Trays and Mats

Caring for rhinestone storage trays and mats is important for maintaining a clean and efficient crafting workspace. Keeping these surfaces clean ensures that rhinestones can be easily arranged and picked up without contamination from dust or grease. To clean rhinestone trays and mats, use gentle methods that won't damage them, for example a damp cloth or lint roller can be effective for removing dust and small debris from mats.


In conclusion, we want to emphasize the important role of caring for your rhinestone crafting tools and encourage regular cleaning and proper storage of tools like the Crystal Katana, hotfix wand and applicators, to not only extend their lifespan but also ensure cleanliness in your work. A clean workspace further enhances efficiency and quality. We encourage you to share your own tips and experiences in tool maintenance – your insights could be invaluable to fellow crafters!

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