By Sebastian Angelique

Recently I came back from a Christmas away in Amsterdam. A pleasant mini holiday after what can only be described as a mammoth year of shows in 2023, with incredible costume ideas and goals that, despite insane time constraints, were successfully achieved. As the Christmas lights twinkled in the distance, I was completely and utterly captivated by them and it reminded me of achievements finished last year, creating a selection of West End worthy costumes using only Crystal Parade Zodiac embellishments and within 2 weeks had created, costumed, embellished and debuted a brand new number, set to go on a UK national tour for 2024. 

I couldn’t help but get lost in these individual costumes filled with dazzling gems that have long been associated with glamour and luxury, adorning everything from burlesque royalty to evening gowns that have all left their personal twinkling mark in history and in some small way, mine was doing the same. But as we know rhinestones are not just a fashion statement – they can also serve as a powerful symbol of ambition and determination.

The Allure of Rhinestones on Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque, a form of entertainment known for its extravagant costumes and theatrical performances, has a rich history of incorporating rhinestone embellishments. These shimmering gems add an extra layer of enchantment to the already mesmerizing acts, enhancing the performers' allure and captivating the audience's attention.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, rhinestones carry a deeper significance in the burlesque world. They symbolize the performers' unwavering commitment to their craft, their dedication to mastering their skills, and their determination to shine brightly on stage. Rhinestones not only adorn the costumes but also reflect the inner sparkle and resilience of the artists themselves.

Sparkle in the Christmas Lights: Setting Ambitious Goals for 2024

As we approach the end of another year, it's natural to start envisioning our goals and aspirations for the future. And what better way to symbolize our ambitions than with rhinestone embellishments?

Just like the rhinestones that catch the light and create a dazzling display in the Christmas lights, our goals should be bold, eye-catching, and impossible to ignore. Whether it's starting a new business, writing a book, or embarking on a transformative journey, setting ambitious goals is essential for personal growth and fulfilment.

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