Multi-tone crystal rhinestones are very popular in the crystal world, especially if being used for dancewear, costumes or anything that involves movement. The different colours shine through when the light hits the stone, giving off a stunning ombre effect. We stock many examples of these multi-tone non hotfix crystals such as Volcano, Heliotrope and Lava. Excitingly, it has just been announced that Preciosa are re-introducing some of their most popular colours, and in this statement, they explain how the Polychromatic (also known as multi-tone) coatings work:

Preciosa is pleased to reintroduce our selection of polychromatic coatings for the flagship Chaton Roses MAXIMA and Chaton Roses VIVA 12® in non-hotfix version. Polychromatic coatings naturally deviate in shade. The variation tolerance for each coating means that packaging units containing any item with one of these coatings may contain any/all shades of the coating seen here.'

As you can see in the image above, the popular colours Vitrail Light, Vitrail Medium and Bermuda Blue each show differences in colour through the stone. This is very effective, especially when the rhinestones are applied to something like a pair of shoes or dance costume – the different colours give a 3D illusion and offers even more sparkle!

We are delighted to say that some of these multi-tone crystals supplied by Crystal Parade have made their way to stage and screen on shoes, handbags, musical instruments, microphones and costumes. One of our very talented customers ‘CrystalledByJane’ often uses the multi-tone rhinestones to embellish designer shoes.

Here, Jane has used Preciosa Venus to crystallize these designer mules. Venus is a two-tone crystal shining both a rich chocolate brown and a deep purple. The combination of these two colours brings a lovely warm finish to the shoes.

One of Preciosa’s newest additions to the multi-tone range is Peacock Green, a stunning crystal that shines green/blue with a slight metallic finish. Here’s another fantastic example of the work by CrystalledByJane using Peacock Green

We love all the multi-tone crystals by Preciosa, but our favourite here at Crystal Parade HQ is Bermuda Blue. CP owner Poppy loves this colour so much that she embellished an entire electric guitar using thousands of non-hotfix crystals and Gem Tac glue. It currently sits proudly on display at our offices, hopefully one day it will hit the stage!

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