With Valentine’s Day comes all the DIY craft project ideas including homemade gifts, hand decorated cards and home baked sweet treats. This year, why not make something for yourself – a little Valentine’s treat from you, to you! What better way to show off your creative skills to the world than with a crystal manicure. Along with Christmas and other celebrated events in the calendar, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to add some serious sparkle to your fingernails, and whether you’re a professional nail technician or a nail art enthusiast, it is easy and not too expensive to create sparkly magic at your fingertips!

We work with the super talented, Scratch magazine award winner nail tech Lisa Johnston, and we want to showcase some of her Valentine’s and ‘Love’ themed nail designs using rhinestones.

Here Lisa uses the crystal mix ‘Pretty In Pink’ which includes Preciosa flatback nail art crystals in various shades of pink, red and clear, and some chunky Swarovski diamante crystal hearts. She presents the hearts as the focal point of the design, complimenting them with the pink and red rhinestones and silver caviar beads. To apply the Swarovski heart crystals we would recommend using Crystal Fix glue which is a strong clear adhesive perfect for rhinestone nail art.

Lisa came up with a cool and very sultry design, inspired by the ‘Anti-Valentine’ mix, which is a non-girly, edgy mix of rhinestones including darks blues, blood reds and deep metallic silver. Plus some Swarovski red hearts from the vintage range. This mix is ideal if you aren’t into pink and prefer to make a statement with less traditional colours and themes.

In this delicate and pretty floral design, Lisa uses the Preciosa clear crystal Navette to make a feature rhinestone cluster on the nail, and compliments the pale vintage shades of pink with some White Opal crystals and flatback pearls. The simplicity of this nail set is the beauty of it, perfect for a subtle romantic style manicure.

For a simple but creative design, covering the nail in caviar beads is a cost effect embellishment technique, particularly if you’re looking for something less blingy but still with a bit of character. Lisa has used the metallic red caviar beads for the heart and full nail. To create this look, sprinkle the tiny beads over a layer of top gel or nail glue and brush off the excess.

In this pretty Cupid’s arrow theme, Lisa has created an accent nail using a clear crystal heart and rhinestones in shades of pink, gold and clear. The pale dusky pink colours really reflect the theme of the design and bring the nails together nicely to finish the look. Again, Lisa has added silver caviar beads which are great for outlining a design or filling gaps and covering any excess glue.

Crystal Parade stock over 50 Valentine’s Day related crystal products, including different nail art rhinestones, kits and tools, see the collection here. We love seeing our customers’ nail art using rhinestones and seeing how they can incorporate them into different themes. For more details on Lisa Johnston, find her on social media and her online store About us (lisajohnston.co.uk)

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