Crystal and rhinestone embellishment plays a huge part in costume design, dressmaking, bridalwear and fashion design and is now becoming more common in the hobbies & craft, textile and interior design world. And with upcycling, refurbishing and DIY growing ever more popular, rhinestone transfers are being seen more and more on clothing, accessories, homeware and soft furnishings.

An introduction to Crystal Transfers

Pre-made transfers are a great way to add rhinestones to fabric quickly and neatly without the use of glue, and a huge advantage is that you can apply multiple rhinestones in one go, saving you hours of work. Many of our customers ask ‘How do you apply rhinestone transfers’ and the answer is simple: The transfers are made up of many crystals that have already been placed in a particular pattern, so all you have to do is peel away the backing, place the transfer onto your fabric and cover with baking paper or a tea towel before ironing on. The hard work has already been done for you – no need to figure out which sizes to use and no time spent applying the crystals one by one.

Preciosa have just launched their brand new pre-made crystal transfers, and with over 70 styles featuring astrological, mystical and nature inspired designs, professional quality crystal embellishment is made easier than ever. Watch the video here.Out of this world

The new collection of Preciosa iron on transfers includes many different designs, but the main inspiration for the range according to Preciosa’s design team was ‘planetary motifs’ – the sun, moon, stars, planets and galaxies. We particularly love the swirling galaxy transfer which is made using the new flatback rhinestone colour Blue Violet, and some AB rhinestones too.The stunning intricate pattern has been ironed onto a pair tights, seen below, giving the effect of a crystal tattoo or body art – the perfect addition to any burlesque or drag performance outfit.

Another great use for hotfix rhinestone transfers is to decorate your accessories such as mobile phone cover, laptop case, or handbags. Here, Preciosa have shown us how to elevate a plain and simple handbag by applying crystal transfers. It features classic designs such as the diamond, moon and stars but also a solid block of crystals. To hand embellish a bag like this it would take many hours, but by using a pre-made transfer you can re-create the look in minutes. We love the detail of the moth, what a pretty and unusual motif to bring the handbag to life.Transfers for uniforms

If you’re looking to customize multiple items with the same logo, pattern or design, this is where hotfix rhinestone transfers really come in handy. You could have your sports team name emblazoned across your back in sparkles, or your company name on the staff uniform. In Preciosa’s range of pre-made transfers you will find letters, numbers and basic shapes to create a personalized design. Or you could contact us to talk about our bespoke transfer service.

For more basic patterns check out the lines, stripes, blocks, mandala’s and lattice style transfers. These are ideal for creating a repetitive pattern on a large scale.More ways to use Preciosa rhinestone transfers

DIY rhinestone patches for clothing

Upcycled accessories

Swarovski preciosa & zodiac

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