Once again we are thrilled to have worked with designer Luke Day and his team, who sparkled up this fabulous @jennykingembroidery jacket with our own brand of Zodiac crystals – just in time for Sam Ryder’s Brits 2023 performance. And what a stunning piece it is!

Sam’s jacket was hand embellished with Zodiac hotfix crystals in Sapphire as well as some Preciosa hotfix rhinestones in Montana and Light Sapphire to create this dazzling blue and gold design. Jenny embroidered the front and back in different shades of blue and gold which were them complimented with the matching hotfix stones.

Zodiac flatback crystals are high quality, durable foiled rhinestones ideal for blinging up stage costumes, dance dresses, clothing and accessories. Zodiac boasts a huge choice of over 60 colours and coatings, with the staple rainbow colours being the most popular. The Sapphire crystals used for this project are a gorgeous rich royal blue, perfectly matching the embroidery.

There are a number of ways to attach rhinestones to fabric, but for a strong and long lasting finish, we like to recommend the hotfix method. Heat fixing rhinestones to clothing using a heat press or household iron is a great mess-free way to apply crystals to fabric, especially if you are embellishing a large area. In this case for more intricate designs, a hotfix applicator wand is the best way of applying hotfix rhinestones to clothing, as you can achieve a more accurate finish.

For this project, Luke and his design team used a variety of rhinestone sizes including 4mm, 5mm and 7mm. The different sizes offer a greater range of reflection from the stones, therefore giving off more sparkle. Another advantage is that it is a lot easier and more effective to create curves when graduating from small to large and back again. For more helpful tips on rhinestone size and how they are used, read our informative guide here.

But of course, this isn’t our first (and hopefully not our last) collaboration with Luke Day and Sam Ryder, see how we introduced the Zodiac Crystals brand to the stage last year for the Platinum Jubilee celebration.

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