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I like to have a new costume made every 4 months and I love every step of creating another stage costume. Every costume should have star quality trimmings that dazzle and sparkle. I'm making a new promotional video soon and have some fabulous venues lined up.

It's time to create an outfit with the wow factor. I wanted to move away from the blue sequin shirt and white scarf look that all tributes are known for and stay true to Neil's look. From the outset I knew I wanted to sparkle, with lots of crystals and fringing required. Who better to ask for help than the team at Crystal Parade - they are always my go-to supplier.

With the help of an amazingly patient outfit maker, Regina, and the assistance of Crystal Parade, we are putting together the best replica of Neil Diamond's iconic white shirt.

With lots of silver metallic fringing and hotfix rhinestones, these star quality trimmings will make this replica the best ever! The amount of research needed on the best fabrics and quality crystals was almost overwhelming, so I turned to the experts at Crystal Parade to guide me through. They know which crystals, fabric and trimmings are suitable for my stage costume.

My stage costumes need to be realistic and wearable. I have some quick costume changes. You will note that most performers will not have lots of buttons to undo and do up, they will have shirts to pull over.


Keeping my appearance authentic, I have big hair so Regina ensures I can pull the shirt over my hairdo without messing it up.

This brings me to one wardrobe malfunction where I got stuck in an outfit. The music was playing, I was due back on stage and I was stuck in my shirt! It was like getting out of a straight jacket!! Never again!!!

Over time I have adapted to make quick costume changes, so I can enjoy performing without stress. My favorite song to perform is Play Me, but the firm favorite with my audience is Sweet Caroline.



Thanks to Steve Parr for sharing some insights into his Neil Diamond Tribute and his collaboration with Crystal Parade. For more information or to contact Steve, you can email him at


Star Quality Trimmings

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