Make your prom a Swarovski prom this year! You've spent hours scrolling through websites, flicking through magazines, looking at colour swatches to choose the perfect prom dress for your school prom.

Now the big night is coming, you've applied the finishing touches including gluing Swarovski crystals to your dress and shoes and even some on your handbag too. Your hair and make are perfect and transport is arranged and you feel a million dollars when you step out of the door - it's photo time!

The last thing you want is bad photos after all the hours of preparation so all you need to do is follow a few simple steps to make sure you take Instagram and Facebook worthy prom photos.


Like a professional wedding photographer, write down a list of the shots you would like to achieve. Take photos with your parents, siblings, relatives, partner, best friends, pets, the car/limo, your crystal-dripping shoes, the back of your dress if it has detail you wish to capture.


Firstly, be prepared and make time for your photos, don't quickly take a few shots whilst you are waiting for your car, helicopter, tank, limo, horse and carriage etc to arrive. Arrange a time and place for your fellow prom attendees and ensure they are all aware to be there on time.


Location, location, location! When taking any photo it is important to choose the right setting. The focus needs to be on you not your neighbours caravan or whichever soap is on the television.

Swarovski prom

Ideally a setting outside is a good choice, choose a back drop of trees, flowers, flower trellis or a plain wall/fence, avoid the trampoline in the corner of the garden or the recycling bin! If you are taking photos inside take a few minutes to move ornaments, photo frames, etc.


This is one of the most important parts of any type of photography. But don't panic, there is no need for professional lighting equipment to take great quality photos. All you need is good outdoor lighting and an understanding of how your camera/phone flash works.

Swarovski prom

Natural outdoor lighting is always best so endeavour to take your photos early in the day before the sun goes down. You will need a bright light but not so bright that it makes everyone in the photo squint. If the sun is too bright, choose a shaded area.


Ensure that everyone have their heads facing straight towards the camera and their eyes are looking at the lens. Don't forget to interact with your friends during the photo shoots, this will make for some relaxed and fun shots.

Swarovski prom

When taking a group photo try to avoid having everyone standing in a straight line, ask your friends to stand in varied poses in separate rows. May be arrange part of the group standing while others are sitting.


Taking some silly, not so traditional pictures can help people relax and their smiles and poses will be more natural.

Remember, the success of these photos will be the preparation and planning, so have fun and sparkle on your Swarovski prom!


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