We’re delighted to be the rhinestone supplier for Rebecca Orme’s successful press on nails business. We’ve been catching up with Rebecca and asked her to explain a little bit about her new business venture – a press on nails marketplace. Rebecca has set up the perfect buying & selling platform for nail art enthusiasts, featuring a varied selection of styles and application guides, as well as top picks and the latest trends.

Here Rebecca tells us about how she came up with this fantastic idea.

“Press on nails have always been popular on selling platforms, but the lockdown in 2020 has taken the service to new heights. Given the restrictions put on the general public leaving their own house, taking delivery of anything that could make people feel better or help pass the time was a god send. In addition, the fact that salons had been forced to close longer than expected, many clients turned to buying press on nails to apply at home and have some creature comforts they were undeniably used to as an essential.

I myself started a Press on Nails Etsy shop during lockdown, but never quite figured out how to offer the service; given how important the sizing of the nails is in this circumstance, and not wanting to sit making 20 nails and charging a lot more than necessary for nails that didn’t fit the client, I left the new Etsy shop empty for a few months. We now have a handy size and shape guide making it simple to choose your perfect nails.After lockdown I decided to revisit the project, and after a lot of research, trial and error, and time uploading my designs, I finally had a working shop and started taking orders, so I was thrilled!

Through taking more and more orders and been slightly perplexed by the fact that I owed Etsy money for some months, I realised the full extent of the cost of owning and running a successful Etsy Shop and I was astounded. So being the creative entrepreneur I am, I built my own website and it went live a few days later. Once I advertised it, a few nail artist friends asked if they could sell their press on designs on my website too - and that’s how the marketplace began!

I had created the first and only dedicated marketplace for press on nails, a place where a nail artist can sell their pre-made press on nails and where the consumer can go to browse lots of different styles. This gave customers the chance to buy from a plethora of nail artists, all masters of their own style.

The marketplace offers nails for brides on their wedding day, for the Halloween party you’re attending, for the event you’re hosting, or just for the weekend out with your friends. I’ve made nails for drag artists, dancers and whole bridal parties! The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your perfect nail artist - why not send them over your inspiration and commission the perfect set for your requirements!

Many of my designs are scattered with Swarovski and Preciosa crystals, I see well placed rhinestones as an essential compliment to nail design. There doesn’t have to be a hundred of crystals adorning the nail, but if bling is your thing then you can go for it!If you are a nail artist looking to expand your client base to include the at home nail lover, then join the new and only dedicated marketplace for press on’s for free.

If you want to browse lots of different styles and nail art designs, and to apply these perfect works of art to your own nails as and when you want them, I would love to see you all there!”


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