In this country, we have a rich history of beautifully made jewellery, and in this current era of upcycling, restoring and re-using, investing in second hand or pre-loved jewellery is becoming ever more popular. We’ve been catching up with Pearl, owner of Boudoir Privé, the aptly named jewellery designer who has a passion for vintage costume jewellery. She has been in the business for 14 years, after originally starting out making jewellery as a hobby during weekends and evenings. However, it soon became a bona fide business when Pearl became the sole carer to an elderly relative and was no longer able to work outside the home.

Pearl is a great advocate of buying vintage jewellery, rather than new, not only is it better for the environment, you are also acquiring the history behind the piece.

Pearl: ‘Vintage jewellery evokes strong memories of a bygone age where glamour and sophistication were the byword. The history of each piece intrigues me and I wonder if anyone famous (or infamous) has ever owned it. Also, the quality of vintage jewellery is often superior to more modern pieces. There is also the eco-friendly aspect of buying vintage jewellery, which appeals to me.’Boudoir Privé also sells handmade ‘vintage style’ costume jewellery, the Art Deco inspired pieces are the most popular, particularly for weddings and formal occasions. Pearl uses Preciosa round pearls and rhinestone cabochons to replicate the popular choker style necklaces.

Pearl:Historically, I have always used Swarovski crystals and pearls in my work, but following a policy change at Swarovski, it was no longer possible to purchase from them, so I changed to Preciosa and have been pleasantly surprised. It is my view that the quality of Preciosa products is equal to those of Swarovski, as is the colour and size range.’Since Swarovski no longer sell jewellery making crystals to the DIY sector, the gap has been easily filled by Preciosa. They may be less well known in the industry, but Preciosa rhinestones are an excellent quality alternative to Swarovski, being able to supply an almost identical range of pearls.

Boudoir Privé favours the cream and magic black round pearls – both classic and timeless colours that work with any outfit, but there are many different shapes, styles and colour options available to create bespoke jewellery designs. Neutral colours such as cream, white, creamrose and vanilla are the perfect choice for vintage style wedding jewellery.Thinking of investing in vintage jewellery?

The main advantage of wearing vintage jewellery as opposed to new, is the fact that it is less likely to have been mass produced from cheap plastic components. Therefore, the quality is better and there’s no harm to the environment. With vintage pieces being made all those years ago, you are almost guaranteed a unique piece with an original design, and who knows, maybe your piece of jewellery has a fascinating history to it!

For more information about Boudoir Privé, visit the website.

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