You can crystallize almost anything with flatback Swarovski crystals. If you like to think of yourself as a crystallizing expert, you’ve probably tried to embellish everything possible. From clothing and accessories to the soft furnishings around your home, you can add Swarovski crystals to anything! However, we’re sure that we can think of a few things that you haven’t tried embellishing yet.

While this list is in no means extensive or an ‘ultimate list’ of what you can crystallize, we’ve got a little creative so you can try something new. All you need is a collection of different coloured crystals and a tube of craft glue - other tools are optional. Here is Crystal Parade’s list of strangest things you can crystallize with flatback Swarovski crystals.

Flip flops

You can crystallize any pair of shoes, from stilettos to Converse trainers. But have you tried giving your summer flip flops some bling? Embellish the straps and watch them glisten in the sun!


Beanie hats, baseball caps and berets can all be updated with a bit of sparkle.

Gloves (and other winter woollies)

If you have a matching scarf, hat and glove set then this is the perfect time to embellish them. Brighten up your winter!

Wine glasses

Give your glass collection an extra special touch, or crystallize a wine glass as a birthday gift.

Pet collar

If you love your dog or cat, then why not treat them to a blinged up collar!

Soap dispenser

Luxury isn’t just for your lounge or bedroom - why not add some sparkle to your bathroom too?


Many of us dread wearing our specs - but not when they have a funky crystallized design.


Crystals allow you to show off your personality on all of your accessories - even your bike. Customise your bike with some crystals on the frame, and you can also embellish your helmet!


Who needs a designer watch when you can crystallize your own strap and have a custom, one of a kind watch?


Choose whether to crystallize the base, the lampshade or both.

Thermal cup

If you need waking up on dark, early mornings, crystallize your thermal cup and enjoy a coffee on the go.

Dressage uniforms

Stand out from the crowd in equestrian sports by crystallizing your outfit. You decide how far to go, but you can embellish everything from your helmet and jacket to bridles and chaps.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever crystallized? Let us know!


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