The ultimate crystal glossary answers your questions and defines many common terms used in the crystal world.

Are you confused about the various crystallizing terms? Can’t tell your hotfix from a hot mess? It can seem like a different language sometimes! Crystal Parade are on hand with this crystal glossary to help you out. Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you have any more questions or you don’t understand any of our products.

AB - AB stands for Aurora Borealis, and describes a coating on Swarovski crystals. It gives the crystals a rainbow effect.

Applicator wand - Not all crystals require an applicator, but hotfix crystals do require heat to stick to a surface. An applicator wand is a professional tool, especially designed for crystallizing, which activates the adhesive on the back of the crystal.

Bling - A casual term to describe something sparkly and beautiful!
Crystal katana - A professional crystallizing tool which makes the process of picking up and placing crystals easier.

Crystallized - something that has been decorated or embellished with crystals.

Crystallized Manicure - nail designs created using crystals.

Crystal stencils - If you don’t feel confident to make up your own crystal design, you can use a stencil. Choose a stencil design and fill each hole with crystals or pearls for the perfect design every time.

Flatback crystals - Flatback crystals are loose crystal elements that have a flat underside so they can be easily applied to any surface.

Gem Tac glue - a special type of craft glue which is renowned for being highly effective for embellishing.

Glue syringe - a special syringe with a precision tip for applying small dots of glue to apply crystals to surfaces.

Hotfix crystals - Hotfix crystals have a type of glue on the reverse which needs to be activated with heat. They are popular for adding crystals to fabrics as you can use a household iron.

Jewel setter - a professional tool for arranging and setting crystals.

Rhinestones - another name for crystal elements which can be used to embellish things.

Rivoli - a type of stone which has a brilliant central point.

ss (ss10, ss16 etc) - the size of a crystal is often established by ‘ss.’

Tip - a tip could refer to a glue syringe tip or a tip for an applicator wand. You can get different sized tips for different sized crystals.

Xilion bicone beads - a type of crystal bead by Swarovski which can be used for making jewellery.

Xirius - Xirius is the new crystal element from Swarovski, which is said to be the most brilliant.

We hope you’ve learnt something from this glossary - let us know if you think we should add anything else to help crystallizing beginners.


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