The world’s most expensive crystals and gemstones are objects of rarity, beauty and wealth. Gemstones and humans have a long connection through history, and in prehistoric times were used to protect people and fight diseases. In modern times, you’ll more likely see crystals and gemstones glittering in gold and silver jewellery and given as tokens of love.

Some gemstones are more expensive than others - this is mostly down to how rare and precious the stone is, and then its purity. If they are difficult to mine then this can also increase the market value of crystals and gems.

Here are some of the most sought after, in-demand gemstones on the planet - could you afford these prices? They’re a bit too steep for the team here at Crystal Parade, we’ll stick to our manmade Swarovski crystals which are just as dazzling and beautiful.


Red Diamonds - $1,000,000+
As the rarest diamond in the world, only the richest people on the globe can afford one. There are only 20 - 30 red certified diamonds known in existence. With so few to compare prices with, red diamonds are worth whatever people are willing to pay. A 2.26 carat red diamond has sold at auction for $2.7m, which is $1.8m per carat.

Jadeite - £20,000 per carat
Jadeite is the rarest and most exclusive form of the gemstone Jade. It is mainly valuable due to historical and cultural reasons, with different colours and intensities calling for different values.

Diamond - $15,000 per carat
Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones in the entire world - they are a girl’s best friend after all. Despite that, they aren’t the most expensive because they aren’t very rare. However, flawless diamonds and fancy diamonds can reach eye watering prices.

Alexandrite - $10,000 per carat
As a mesmerising colour changing stone, Alexandrite is very pricey. Alexandrite over three carats is extremely rare, and therefore you could expect to pay up to $30,000 for these gemstones.

Sapphires - $4,000-$6,000 per carat
A sapphire is one of the most adored gemstones in the world, which is why it makes this list. Most people know sapphires to be a deep blue colour, but you can also buy orange sapphires and black/blue star sapphires, which are the most expensive variety. Maybe this has something to do with the popularity of sapphires among royals? Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is a sapphire, which has been driving up prices.

Black opals - $2,000 per carat
Dark opals are almost exclusive to Australia, and demand for them is high. Top quality black opals can sell for $2,000 per carat, but the prices drop quite quickly with quality.

Jeremejevite - $1,500 per carat
You’ve probably never even heard of this gemstone - that’s how rare it is. It was first described in 1883 and is usually a clear, colourless stone which can also range to light blue. Only a few thousand crystals have been found, and many are unsuitable for cutting and using in jewellery.
Would you like to own one of the most expensive gemstones in the world?

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