Dancers of all genres often sport some wonderful, stunning and eccentric ensembles on stage. Ballroom and Latin is perhaps where you’ll find some of the most glamorous costumes, but of course Irish dancing and jazz or musical productions also offer extravagant dance fabrics and eye catching costumes.

However, not all costumes look so great under the spotlight - and these are perhaps more fun to look at! Whether it was a bad decision from a director, a screw up from the costume designer or a good old wardrobe malfunction during a performance, here is our selection of some of the worst ever dance costumes. Enjoy!
Dancing with the Stars (Ballroom)
Across the pond, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing has audiences raving about the pizazz and technical skill of the celebrities - but not always the costumes. One prime example is from season 15, when Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and her partner decided to dance in sickly colours. In showstopping shades of green and blue, Aly ended up imitating a canary while there were no words to describe pro dancer Mark Ballas’ multi-coloured dancing shoes.
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Cheerleading with Camel Toe (Cheer)
Most choreographers want their dancers to wear tight clothing… but is there any need for it to be this tight?! We think not. Camel toe is never sexy, and it sure distracts from the dancing.
camel toe
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Dancing on Ice (Ice Skating)
Celebrity athlete Beth Tweddle suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during her run on the show - but it actually bagged her the best score of the series. During a sexy routine with her partner, the floaty skirt of her dress lifted up while Dan Whiston grabbed a feel of her behind. We’ve seen worse wardrobe malfunctions but this is undoubtedly steamier than what the skaters had planned!
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Madonna - The Brits performance
Yes, we’re still talking about it! Madge will never live this one down, as it is possibly the worst wardrobe mishap to ever grace television screens. During her closing performance of new track Living for Love, Madonna’s long black cape sent her tumbling down a set of stairs - right at the start of the song. It will go down in history as one of the most cringe worthy moments of the year, and will certainly leave costume designers thinking twice about risky costume changes on stage.
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So there is our top pick of hideous dance costumes - have you seen any in real life you’d like to add to our list? Send them in!

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