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A wedding is meant to be the biggest day of your life, where you commit to the person you’ll spend eternity with. Everything is meant to go smoothly, according to plan, and every last little detail is expected to be perfect.
Except, quite a lot of the time, the task proves too difficult. With so much to organise, and a lot of the jobs outsourced to wedding planners, suppliers and caterers, most couples have little control over their day. If you think your dress is invincible and there’s no possible way your DIY invites could be anything less than perfect, think again. What happens when weddings go terribly wrong…(bridezillas, take note!)? Here are some spectacular wedding fails.

Pet Fails
Weddings have the potential to go wrong with just humans invited, but some people decide to risk it even further by getting their pets involved. In fact there is a current craze for furry friends to be ring bearers, flower girls etc and actually attend the ceremony covered in flowers. The only problem with this is, dogs don’t generally understand the meaning of a wedding ceremony. In two #weddingfails described on Twitter, the bride’s and groom’s dogs decided to consummate their relationship half way down the aisle. Think it couldn’t get any worse? At another wedding, when the priest asked if anybody objected to the marriage, the pet dog started howling and crying. Oh dear!

Invitation Fails
The invitations should be one of the simplest jobs in the organisation of the big day - you have plenty of time to get them right and you shouldn’t be stressing about other elements of the wedding at this stage. So how do so many of them go terribly wrong?! Mainly it’s a grammar issue - which is the most embarrassing mistake ever. The mother and father of the bride should invite guests to THEIR daughter’s wedding. Not ’they’re’, ‘there’ or anything else we’ve seen uploaded onto the internet. There’s also something else which could go terribly wrong at the DIY wedding invitation stage - sending out inaccurate information such as the wrong date or time. Is there anything worse than turning up to get married with no guests at all?!

Cake Fails
Large, extravagant wedding cakes are very delicate which means they are often involved in wedding fails. From kids playing near it and making it tumble over before the party has even started, to cakes falling all over the bride’s dress as the happy couple is attempting to cut it - so many things can go wrong with the cake!
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Dress Fails
Again, so much could go wrong with the dress it doesn’t bear thinking about. If your nightmares are made of tripping over your dress and falling down, that is probably not that bad compared to some of the worst wedding dress fails. Many brides have had fireballs erupt on their dresses from candles or other risks at the reception venue - not only is that not a good look for the bride, it’s very dangerous! Even celebrities don’t have a perfect wedding; Blake Lively recently revealed that during a performance at her wedding involving sparklers, she looked down at her to dress to find a huge burn in the fabric.

Anything could turn into a fail on your wedding day - if something doesn’t go according to plan, just smile and go with the flow! As long as you are now married, nothing else matters, right?!

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