The topic of the latest beauty trend that’s on everyone’s lips, or rather teeth, is crystal tooth gems. This craze that most of us associate with the 90’s, actually originated from the ancient Mayan’s, who decorated their teeth with bits of gold, jade, turquoise and other gems to boost their social status. Now though, tooth gems and tooth jewellery can be seen everywhere, and in the celeb world, we’ve seen them worn by the likes of Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, FKA Twigs and even Katy Perry.

There are a number of ways to jazz up those gnashers: metallic embellishments, charms etc but flatback rhinestone gems are the number 1 choice for most people. And while back in the 90’s it was the fashion to have a single gem on one tooth, nowadays the more daring people are rocking the ‘crystal ball’ or ‘window’ look - essentially covering the whole tooth in sparkle.

Tooth embellishment and photo credit: Crystal Canine

Tooth gem technician Lana at Crystal Canine is known for creating stunning designs using Swarovski & Preciosa crystals, from the subtle individual gem to the full bling effect. Popular designs are the single gem, lower line, half window, and crystal ball:

But you can choose whatever design you like, maybe the logo of your favourite designer brand, or go wild with different colours – you could even match them to your manicure!

Which crystals to use for tooth gems?

To form a proper bond and sit flush on the tooth, you will need a flatback non hotfix rhinestone. We recommend using the Preciosa brand – a high quality crystal brand that offers enormous sparkle, and at a fraction of the cost of Swarovski tooth gems. Preciosa tooth crystals are available in sizes SS2 (1.2mm) – SS9 (2.8mm) including all the sizes in between, the smaller the size, the more intricate you can make the design. There is a myriad of colour options too, so you can mix and match your favourite tones.A popular style to go for when choosing the right tooth gems for you, is a design that includes a shape. Crystal shapes such as the navette, baguette, heart and peardrop make a great centre piece that can be surrounded in smaller round gems. Plus if offers more of a bespoke finishCheck out this devilish Halloween look, although these fangs aren’t real, they certainly are the prettiest fangs I’ve ever seen! Encrusted with AB and red tooth gems, you can re-create this look for your next costume party at a low cost by using Preciosa crystals.Decorating your teeth with tooth crystals has suddenly become more popular, with #ToothGems being viewed more than 146 million times on TikTok. And in this DIY era we live in, influencers have started to use their own at-home method of application – but we advise seeing a professional tooth gem technician like Crystal Canine or your dentist, who use a non-toxic bonding agent.

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