If you’ve not tried the latest range of Swarovski similar crystal buttons from Zodiac yet, you need to jump on the sparkly bandwagon and join in! These crystal buttons are a high quality replica of the Swarovski 3015 rivoli button, and even better, the Zodiac brand has a fantastic range of colours and sizes to choose from. Crystal sew on buttons are an ideal replacement for boring plastic buttons on clothing and accessories, and are a must-have for any bridal designer looking to add sparkle to a wedding gown. Rivoli sew on crystal buttons can also be used in home interiors and textiles, equestrian, jewellery making and craft. We’re going to take a look at 6 ways to use a Zodiac crystal button.

Clear crystal buttons – Here is a simple and cost effective trick to spruce up a boring denim jacket. Replace the dull metallic buttons with bright shiny crystal ones, they are easy to sew on, as they have a hole running straight through the back, and are available in many sizes. We recommend using a 16mm crystal button but make sure it matches the button hole first!

AB crystal buttons – Another fun idea for replacing plastic buttons, try sewing some AB rivoli buttons onto a child’s cardigan for that extra touch of sparkle. We’ve added some in 10mm to Lily’s beautiful ombre knitted cardi (knitted by her Grandma), and the results are fab! The pinks and purples in the stone reflect really well and look stunning with the pink and purple of the wool. Why not try Light Rose buttons for a more subtle finish.

Crystal buttons for bridal – A popular way to incorporate crystal buttons into a wedding gown is by sewing them down the back of the dress. The line of crystal droplets draws focus to the back of a wedding gown which can be just as stunning as the front – and they’re practical too. You can replace the white fabric buttons yourself at home with Zodiac crystal clear buttons, we recommend the smallest size 10mm for a hint of sparkle.

Buttons for craft – A crystal buttons doesn’t have to be there just for practical reasons, it is a beautiful object to look at so why not use it for decorative purposes too? Crystal Parade team member Jen spent just a matter of minutes sewing a Zodiac crystal button onto a crochet flower she made earlier, and gluing a brooch plate to the back. Voila, a stunning handmade brooch to pin to your favourite coat.

Dressage jackets – A stunning sparkly addition to any dressage jacket is the crystal button, and the wonderful Louise from Flying Changes Bespoke Jackets can elevate a simple jacket by sewing on some crystal buttons – she even colour matches them to the fabric! A popular colour for equestrian is Golden Shadow, it is versatile but adds a sense of luxury to the design.Upholstery & Interiors – For a real sense of luxury in your home, replacing the fabric buttons on a Chesterfield sofa or armchair is a win. But you don’t have to stop at sofas, you could upgrade your headboard, curtain pelmet, or cushions. The larger sizes 23mm and 27mm are the most popular for interior projects, and if you’re looking to use crystal buttons for upholstery but want a more subtle finish, you can choose from less blingy colours such as jet black, smokey grey (black diamond) or metallic chrome (jet hematite).

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