Trends in fashion are always evolving and it is possible to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to the forever changing world of fashion by watching and listening to news broadcasts, reading fashion magazines, following influencers on social media and just by socializing with friends and listening to their opinions on what they believe to be popular and what is not.

New trends are always on the horizon, and one such trend we are seeing becoming more and more popular is the application of flatback rhinestones to teeth. This trend was quite popular among the younger generation in the 90’s and we can see it is making a comeback. If you are thinking about getting tooth gems or tooth crystals, you should book an appointment with a reputable dentist or tooth technician who is qualified and can perform the application of tooth gems with great accuracy.

What are Tooth Gems?

Tooth gems are flatback crystals also known as tiny jewels, tooth bling or rhinestones which are placed on the tooth using a special adhesive. People usually go for tooth gems to enhance the cosmetic effect on their smile, and for that reason, people place them on their visible teeth. If applied correctly and aftercare is followed, tooth gems should have a lifespan of around six months possibly a little longer.

When the dentist/tooth technician is applying tooth gems no drilling is required, tooth gems do not damage your teeth. Tooth rhinestones are fixed to the tooth with a special bonding material which make application easy and also makes them easy to remove.

Image courtesy of Crystal Canine, who offer Tooth Gem training.

Your tooth technician will be fully qualified to carry out the procedure, will ensure that the gems used are of good quality and lead free. All of our Preciosa Tooth Gem Crystals are lead free, whereas if you take your own gems to your tooth technician they cannot be 100% sure that the gems you have sourced are of good quality. If you do purchase your own gems, be sure you purchase from an authorized Preciosa stockist. Crystal Parade are Preciosa Authorised Silver Partners and we offer a huge choice of tooth gems.

Check out our range of AB rhinestones for teeth, including round, raindrop and square shapes. This is the most popular colour, the iridescent AB coating gives the crystal a rainbow effect finish offering a huge amount of sparkle!

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