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Irish dancing season is back - and to celebrate we just had to share some of these amazing moments from the world of Irish dance. From surprise dancing guests at a wedding reception to flash mobs around the world, we’ve got an exciting collection for you.
We’d also love to see your favourite Irish Dance moments, whether you love it for the unique dance costumes or it’s a winning routine which blew the judges away. Send them in and share them with us on social media and they could be included in our next post!
Tap and Irish Dance Off
That’s right you read correctly - this amazing video features a dance off between a tap dancer and an Irish dancer, but the best part is they are both priests! Both men are seminarians from the USA, and they put on an impressive show at a dinner in Rome.

Wedding Party Performance
This is quite a performance from the groom and his guests! There’s so many of them, they must have rehearsed quite a bit to make sure they were in time.

Dream Come True
This is one of our favourite pictures, featuring the star himself Michael Flatley. The little girl on stage with him is eight year old Molly Cass, who was invited to dance on stage in London with the cast of Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games. Molly has a rare kidney condition which means she has to have dialysis three times per week at hospital, but loves Irish dancing and has even won competitions is Dorset and travelled to Dusseldorf to compete. She said last Christmas that it was her dream to dance on stage with Michael Flatley, and her dream came true.
irish dance
[Image credit: Brian Doherty, Irish Post]
Flash mob
People of all ages join in this Irish dance flashmob in Vienna, Austria.

Footballers or Dancers?
These Irish footballers prove that dancing can definitely be masculine! We think the first dance off contender might be a little more professional!

Irish dance