Burlesque has been creating waves in the entertainment industry since the Victorian era. It has recently begun to recirculate in popularity as women of all shapes and sizes are embracing the light-hearted performance as a means of keeping healthy. It is a great buffer of confidence and self-improvement and deserves to be widely recognised, but what is it?

Burlesque is typically a piece of dramatic, literary or musical work performed in a comedic manner. It has been an important part of theatrical culture since it first began. It has maintained a standpoint in the theatrical scene as a whole. Burlesque is presented as a blend of satire, performance art, music hall, and adult entertainment. It often features stripteases and broad comedy acts.



Neo-Burlesque, or New Burlesque, is the revival and updating of the traditional American performance. The modern form is still based on traditional Burlesque art, but it also encompasses a wider range of performance styles. Neo-burlesque acts can range from anything from classic erotic dance to theatrical mini-dramas to comedic mayhem.


Outfits are made to be sexy, sophisticated and sparkly. They are often made up of Crystal covered corsets, pampered pristine petticoats, and that’s about it (in the guidelines anyway!). There are excessive amounts of additional accessories you can add to spice up your costume in order to stand out, such as a Feather Boa, but a lot is left to the imagination!

There isn’t a guideline to follow, Burlesque outfits are whatever you make them. We always suggest blinging up your costume to really dazzle and captivate your audience. Try adding some Hot-Fix crystals to your costume for a simple D.I.Y fix to spruce up your show. So as the form begins to reach the heights at which it once was, embrace it and get involved in your own way.



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