An iconic piece of fashion history, a staple in standing out, a favourite amongst the confident and collected individuals. The Feather Boa ticks all the boxes on the checklist for a legendary fashion piece. We think you’d look amazing with one wrapped around your shoulders.


Often considered an outlandish and radical fashion piece, The Feather Boa is a battle for those people who just don’t know how to pull it off. The Feather Boa is an elegant and stylish accessory that can really make you stand out. It turn heads as you embrace your inner fashionista, but can also leave you wondering, ‘Am I Doing This Right?’


Wearing the Feather Boa is very dependant on the event you will be attending. Assessing the spectacle and caliber of the event will often help you make up your mind as to whether a Boa is the right fit. Most ‘Boa friendly’ events will be elegant and fancy, such as a ball or a high-class birthday party. On the flip side, you could even wear a Boa to a fancy dress themed party.


There are multiple methods of creation, the most common form being the, Ostrich Feather Boas. These are the staple accessory you would see draped over the shoulder of Hollywood's finest in the centre of a lavish party. You can also find; Marabou Boas, Chandelle Boas, Turkey Boas and Fancy Boas which are a non-feather alternative.

Boas are available through novelty, costume, or lingerie shops, as well as online from Crystal Parade. Why not match your dress fabric with one of our Luxury 6 ply feather Boas. To bring the ultimate sparkle to be sure to add some Swarovski sparkle to your outfit too, you’ll feel a million dollars!


feather boa

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