Choosing the right size for you

With 16 different sizes in the Flatback Crystal range, it can be tricky to decide which size to use for your project. And if you require more than one size, this can be trickier still. But do not fear, Crystal Parade are here to guide you through all of the different size options and what they are used for. We have made this simple, handy reference chart.

Stone Size (SS) & approximate diameter (mm)

  • SS2 (1.4mm)
  • SS3 (1.5mm)
  • SS4 (1.6mm)
  • SS5 (1.8mm)

These are the smallest sizes in the flatback crystal range, they are most commonly used for nail art, tooth gems and eyelash decoration.

These tiny stones are ideal for creating intricate patterns and designs as well as being useful gap fillers. To apply delicate crystals of this size, we recommend using a pick up tool such as the Crystal Katana or Tanto Pick Up Tool.

Stone Size (SS) & approximate diameter (mm)

  • SS5 (1.8mm)
  • SS6 (2.0mm)
  • SS7 (2.2mm)
  • SS8 (2.6mm)
  • SS9 (2.8mm)

These sizes are not quite the smallest in the range, but are commonly used for nail art, eye make-up, festival make-up, greetings cards, parchment craft and fine jewellery.

These small stones are ideal for creating intricate patterns within nail art and card designs as well as being useful gap fillers. Nail technicians like to use a mix of these sizes to create crystal clusters on the nail – this is called the ‘Rockery Effect’ and is a popular technique for crystallizing shoes & fashion accessories. Jewellery designers often embellish brooches, watch straps and other pieces with flatback crystals to give the effect of precious stones. Gem Tac glue is a fantastic all-round adhesive and even with these small sizes, if there is any seepage it dries crystal clear.

Stone Size (SS) & approximate diameter (mm)

  • SS10 (3.0mm)
  • SS12 (3.2mm)
  • SS16 (4.0mm)

These sizes can be used for lots of different types of craft including nail art, body and face gems, dressmaking, interior décor, shoe embellishment, greetings cards, parchment craft, sewing & textiles and bridal couture.

These medium sized stones are ideal for adding subtle sparkle to any dance dress, theatre costume, ball gown, wedding dress, bridal accessories or fashion wear. In the world of beauty, nail technicians like to use these slightly larger sizes to create a statement nail, and they also work well for carnival/festival make-up. Blingers use these sizes for decorating household objects and ornaments such as vases, glassware, frames and mirrors.

Stone Size (SS) & approximate diameter (mm)

  • SS16 (4.0mm)
  • SS20 (5.0mm)
  • SS30 (6.0mm)

These larger stone sizes can be used within many creative projects, but are most commonly used for body & face gems, ballroom dresses, freestyle dance dresses, Irish dance dresses (mainly on sleeves and to fill gaps), costume design and interior design.

Due to the slightly larger size of these crystals, they are ideal for covering bigger surface areas such as dresses, costumes, furniture, soft furnishings, artwork and clothing. A popular technique for seamstresses and dressmakers is to use a mixture of all three sizes to add texture to the design. Embellishing Top Tip: when applying glue, try using a handy precision syringe and tip which will enable you to squeeze just the right amount of glue out. This method avoids mess and wastage!

Stone Size (SS) & approximate diameter (mm)

  • SS34 (7.0mm)
  • SS40 (8.5mm)
  • SS48 (11mm)

These are the biggest sizes in the flatback rhinestone range and are most commonly used for Irish dance dresses, costume design, interior design and artwork/canvases.

As these crystals are very large and have some weight to them, they are less frequently used in craft projects. However, SS34 and SS40 are very popular for decorating Irish dance dresses. And the largest size SS48, is often used to embellish interior design pieces such as sofas, curtains, cushion covers, mirror, picture frames, lampshades etc. When embellishing fabrics, especially dancewear, we recommend using E6000+ glue, as it dries clear, is durable and flexible – perfect for lots of movement.

For more information on crystal sizes including Preciosa Pointy Back Chaton sizes, please see our detailed size chart here.

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