Introducing Zodiac rhinestone sheets

After the successful launch of the Zodiac Crystals brand, which includes flatback rhinestones, sew on crystals, beads and pearls, we have now introduced the self adhesive crystal sheets. These sticky sheets contain rows upon rows of high quality Zodiac crystal rhinestones in a perfect grid layout, enabling you to embellish items with a large surface area quickly and neatly. These sparkling sheets can be applied to most surfaces but are designed to cover large, flat surface areas such as walls & wallpaper, points of sale, merchandise stands, advertisement boards or other promotional material. Within the first week of the launch, the crystal sheets made their debut in the beauty world by covering the large perfume display stand for Lancôme in Boots to promote their latest fragrance – and it’s safe to say it went down a storm!

As well as large scale projects, these self adhesive sheets can be used to embellish smaller items such as scrapbooks, furniture, book covers, photo frames, gift boxes, lampshades and other household objects. It is a really quick and mess-free method to apply hundreds of crystals in one go, without the need for glue or tweezers.

A simple guide.

We’re going to show you how we crystallised a plain wooden soap dispenser with the AB rhinestone sheets. It is best to use the sheets on an object that has either straight edges and flat sides or a cylindrical shape so it easy to wrap around in one go. We’ve chosen something that would make a nice gift for Mother’s Day, housewarming or birthday. And now upcycling is a popular trend that makes a great therapeutic activity to do yourself at home.

Step 1.

We purchased our soap dispenser from Asda, and gave it a quick wipe down to remove any dust. Whether you are gluing crystals on, or applying self adhesive rhinestones like we are here, it is important to start with a clean surface or the crystals may not adhere properly. Have everything you need laid out neatly and within reaching distance, all we need for this project is the rhinestone sheet and a sharp pair of scissors.

Step 2.

Turn over the sheet so the crystals are facing downwards and peel back the paper backing. The sheets are extremely sticky so be careful not to let them touch anything on your work area. Place the soap dispenser onto the sheet, taking care the line the edge up neatly with the top and side edges of the sheet. Press firmly down to ensure there are no trapped air bubbles, then roll the dispenser along the sheet pulling tightly to keep it flat.

Step 3.

Once you have covered all 4 sides and the rhinestones meet, simply cut the sheet and taking care to cut in line with the crystal rows – you don’t want a wonky edge. Next cut the sheet as close as possible to the base of the dispenser and tuck any excess neatly underneath.

And there you have it, the finished piece. In less than 15 minutes you have completely covered all 4 sides in thousands of crystals, something that would usually take hours and be very costly if applying with glue by hand! The rhinestones sheets are also available in the popular clear diamante colour, and Zodiac also produce the rhinestone sheets in Hotfix so you can iron onto fabric for clothing, costumes or dancewear. Head over to our blog to find more sparkly craft ideas as well as handy tips and How To guides.

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