The nights are drawing in and these dark, dank days of winter are when we spend more time inside looking for ways to brighten up our day. For a fun and thrifty DIY craft project, why not consider adding some rhinestone bling to your interior design.

Flatback rhinestones are perfect for adding that touch of glamour and sparkle, they can transform your living space, whether you want to make a focal point full of sparkle or just a subtle touch of sparkle. Why not give your lampshade a crystal encrusted makeover, add some gems to your scatter cushions and tie back, or add just a few crystals to a poster the choice is endless.

Switch to bling!

We applied some Preciosa flatback crystals to these light switches and experimented with colours and styles. Here’s how using Preciosa SS16 Clear and Jet Hematite can give a monochrome feel to your interior design. Simply sand down the smooth surface of the metal so there is a slightly rough layer on top – this will allow the glue to adhere properly. We have used E6000 glue and applied the crystals in rows:If you want ultimate bling, you can really make a statement with a fully crystallized light switch using Preciosa Clear Rhinestones. As the shape of this object is a basic square, it is easy to glue the crystals on in symmetrical rows. Usually, we would fill in the small gaps in between each crystal with another smaller stone, however on this occasion we don’t need to because the background is mirrored so it blends in quite well:For a more subtle touch of sparkle we have used the same crystals to decorate this Isolator switch. The best way to choose which sized stone to use is to measure the width of the area, in this case we had a 4mm gap so SS16 (4mm) crystals were a perfect fit:

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