We are a nation of dog lovers for sure, we take great pleasure in spending time with our four legged friends, they are our companions and we love to spoil them, whether it be with their favourite snack or a new accessory. One of the top accessories has to be the dog collar, which is not only functional but can be a fashion statement too. There are 100’s of different styles to choose from but of course here at Crystal Parade it has got to be a rhinestone encrusted collar and why not!? Style icons from Elton John to Dolly Parton embrace the glamour of all things bling, so if it’s good enough for Elton it has to be good enough for your pampered pooch.

How about blinging your pooch’s collar?

The number of crystals you will need depends on the size of the collar. For a small dog collar we recommend that you use 4 packs of our Preciosa statement mixes, the pack contains a mix of crystals in varying sizes from SS16 (4mm) to SS34 (7mm). They are available in a great choice of colours, Purple Rain, Gold Rush, Emerald City, Peacock, Romance and Midnight Sky just to name a few. When crystallizing your dog's collar, whatever fabric it is made of, we recommend that you use E6000 plus as it has industrial strength and is flexible. If your dog collar is made of leather we recommend that you lightly rub the leather with sandpaper to make the surface slightly rough, this will give the E6000 glue a good surface to adhere to. Put a few dots of glue at a time on the collar and then place your crystals on top of the small dots, when picking up the crystals it is best to use a pick up pencil. It really is easy and fun to crystallize your canine accessories, and what a great gift it would make for a fellow dog lover!

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