Come your wedding day, all eyes will be on your hands. Between the signing of your marriage certificate, the pictures your photographer takes, and the demands to see your new wedding ring, your hands are going to get serious time in the spotlight. So, with this in mind here’s a dedicated blog for brides to be on all things nails.

Should you not have a regular nail technician, choosing the right nails for your big day might feel a little daunting so it’s well worth doing some research into treatment options in order to find the most suitable one for you. There’s a varied selection on the market such as gel polish, builder gels, gel extensions, acrylic extension, acrygel extensions, full cover tips, press-ons and more! It’s worth reading up online about the pros and cons of each system and why a particular treatment might be best for you to gain a better understanding so that you can research local companies who offer your choice of treatment. It’s then worth reaching out to nail technicians or popping in to local salons to find our more information and to check suitability for you.

Along with the type of service you require, you will need to consider other elements too – let’s break these down in a little more detail.

Tip shape

Choosing the right tip shape can have a huge impact on the overall finished look of your manicure so it’s worth spending a little time to make the right choice.Here are just a few options for you;


Self explanatory, this shape neither flares nor tapers and are very popular right now with lip gloss nails, one of the emerging trends for 2023. Ideal for brides looking for a clean and classic look, they are low maintenance and are suited to all colours and shades. They will look very natural so are perfect for brides who want a polished, natural look.


If you aren’t a fan of sharp corners then this style may be for you. Similar to square, round nails start with straight edges that then are shaped to follow the natural curve of your fingertip. Much like square they suit any shade from discreet through to dramatic shades so brides are sure to find delicate shades to complement this style perfectly.


As you’ve guessed – are square with rounded corners and are another very popular choice. Ideal for those with longer, wider nailbeds, a little length with gently rounded corners can subtly elongate the fingers and balance wider nail beds.


Oval nails, similar to round in the curve at the free edge, are longer than round nails with a more extreme overall curve. A hugely popular style right now with barely there builder gels, the optical illusion in this shape elongates the nail and the finger to create this timeless look. If you are looking to add embellishments or nail art then this slightly longer nail tip can accommodate beautiful designs, without visually shortening the nail tip.


Hugely practical, almond shaped nails are tapered and mimic the pointed end of the almond nut. Suitable for strong natural nails or enhancements. Almond nails can be kept quite short so are a very practical choice of shape for well manicured hands for when it comes to carrying out daily tasks.


If you’re all about the drama, then stiletto might be the choice for you! An elongated tip is a very striking shape that lends itself to dramatic designs such as heavily embellished crystals. With so much space on the longer tip your nail technician really has a fabulous blank canvas to ensure your nails really stand out in a crowd!


Sometimes known as coffin shaped, ballerina shaped nails are hugely popular and for good reason. Slightly shorter than stiletto and with a squared tip they aren’t quite as dramatic and can be more practical for those looking for long nails without the sharpness of the stiletto shape.

Add into the mix more recent nail shapes such as lipstick, flare and Russian almond, you will be spoilt for choice with shapes to choose from.


Let’s talk length! Factors such as practicality need to be considered - it’s pointless having super long talons if you aren’t able to do what you usually would. Going from zero to super long might take some getting used to!

Consider how you use your hands and what the sweet-spot for the length will be for you and your lifestyle. Albeit the nails you are choosing are wedding nails, you may have your honeymoon, work and day to day tasks in the weeks following. Bearing this is mind for after your big day will ensure your nails stay looking their best for as long as possible.


Not all colours are created equal – there are factors such as your skin tone, bride & bridesmaid dresses, flowers and theme to take into consideration. Even when choosing nude shades, it’s important to ensure you choose the right complimentary tone.Nudes are hugely in fashion now so your local salon is sure to carry a great selection of shades from transparent whites, cool pinks, barely there nudes through to warm caramels meaning there will be a shade to suit every skin tone.

Opaque shades of white and ivory are also classic go to colours. They work particularly well with gloss or matte finishes so lend themselves to so many varied designs. The stark, crisp opaque backgrounds are the perfect backdrop for crystal embellishment. Using a flat matte base ensures that nothing detracts from crystal designs added to nails.

You could of course add in colour with pastel shades to match your theme such as pretty pastels or florals for a vintage theme.

Inspiration for colour could be taken from a fabric sample, flower or picture to ensure your nail are the perfect match to your theme so take these along to your appointment to get a good colour match.


Now we’ve established the basis of your nails, the fun part really starts in respect of the finished design. All you may want are perfectly plain manicured nails so a luxurious manicure on natural nails, finished with a gorgeous shade of polish may be all that is required.Discreet embellishment such as pearls or tiny crystals may be all that’s needed to accentuate your theme. With a whole host of colours available in both crystals and pearls, your nail technician will be sure to find the perfect match for you.

Adding lace effect elements are very popular to tie in with bridal dress as are floral accents to tie in with your bouquet. Natural bouquets are a gorgeous way to show your individuality or tie in to a relaxed rural wedding so picking out an accent in the flowers will help to continue your theme.

Caviar beads add unmistakeable discreet glamour to nails without looking too glitzy. If you are looking for discreet glamour then incorporating these along with tiny crystals can make for a fabulously understated look.

If you are more about the drama then a full on bling set may be what it’s all about! My go to company for nail crystals is Poppy and the team are so helpful and have a huge selection of crystals to ensure a perfect match to your wedding ensemble. Be it clear, coloured or pearl you will find a huge selection within their range to guarantee you can add some serious sparkle to your wedding nails.

With sew on & hot fix crystals available too, there’s no limit to the co-ordination you can apply to items across your wedding attire. Don’t forget you can also add crystals to your artificial or real flowers to completely co-ordinate your whole theme.

Hand care

In the run up to your wedding it’s well worth remembering that it’s important to take good care of your skin by using a regular daily hand cream. Cuticle oil will make a world of difference to aid natural nail growth and will help to nourish and replenish your cuticles so that they are the perfect frame for your wedding nails. I have developed a beautiful blend of oils in one of the latest additions to my range – nourishing cuticle oil. A lightly scented, quick absorbing cuticle oil. Head over to for more details and to order.

A little bit of time daily in the weeks and months in the run up will ensure your skin is in tip top condition for your big day so it’s well worth investing in quality products for the maximum effect.

The sky really is the limit to the number of options available to you so be sure to take along inspiration pictures to your appointment. Your nail tech will be able to use these as a basis for your design and then add personal touches to create an unmistakably bespoke theme.

Happy planning!

Lisa X

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