crystal makeup

Adding some gorgeous Swarovski crystals to your style can really add a wow factor to any outfit, night or day. But if you really want to bling it up, go with crystal makeup!


Are you a warm tone, or a cool tone kind of girl? Picking out the right colours to match your crystals to is as important as finding the right foundation. If you have warm tones in your skin, you might want to choose colours from that spectrum, such as oranges, reds and golds. Cooler skin tones can get away with colours from the purple, blue and silver shades best.


If you are new to blinging up your make up, it is best to start small. Pick out a couple of crystals you like the look of and place them at the top of your cheek, towards your eye. You can use the same type of glue used to affix false eyelashes, as that’s fine for your skin (always carry out a skin test).
Don’t get too close though, as glue and eyes don’t mix!


Once you are confident with affixing crystals near your eyes, you can start to experiment with your look. You can add crystals to your eyelids, around your eyes, and even use false eyelash crystal kits! Just make sure you are careful when applying glue and only use body-safe materials.



Want to draw attention to your lips? Well then, pucker up and decorate your mouth with some sparkling crystals. Picking crystals that match the shade of your lipstick work beautifully together to create a really intense look! Or, for a really stunning look, chose yourself a glitter lipstick and then add your crystals. People will need to wear sunglasses when they stand next to you!


This is a trend that became popular around Christmas as people began blinging up their eyebrows ready for the festive period. If you really want to stand out, you could give squiggle brows a go!

Fancy trying any of these trends at home? If you do, send us a pic!


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