So it’s that time of year again; the leaves have fallen, the skeletal trees lay bare and the warm touch of a summers afternoon seems a lifetime ago.
Yes, it is October once again, which means Halloween is upon us! That means horrid Halloween costume ideas abound!


The shops are full of generic creepy costumes and you are probably getting nagged about that dreaded fancy dress party. Do you drag out the same tired costume that has been your faithful friend these last 5 years? Do you wrap your children in toilet paper and tell them they are just going to have to be a mummy? Don't run the risk of wearing the same costume as everyone else.


Here at Crystal Parade, we would like to help you and your children stand out this Halloween. In a world where vampires now sparkle (thank you Twilight), who says you can’t be Gothic and glitzy!

We can give your little princess a costume she will never forget. Adorned with the highest quality Preciosa or Swarovski Crystals from her tiara to her toes, you can make her feel every inch as special as she is. Make your little Count look like he really does have all the treasure of Transylvania, with stunning blood red crimson drops set upon on black velvet. The best part is, you can do it yourself. Aside from the initial family fun activity of creating or improving an existing costume, you and your children will get an enormous amount of pride wearing your glamorous garment once you have bejewelled it.


As for your costume, why not make your legs look extra luscious with a stunning pair of Swarovski Stockings, and who says you need to stop there?
You could go full burlesque with flamboyant feather boas, encrusted corsets and as for the shoes! Why not be a wicked witch with your very own sprinkling of magic? How about putting Cleopatra herself to shame and creating a costume fit for an Egyptian Goddess?

The point that we are trying to make is why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary? If you want any more ideas or need help transforming a costume, get in touch! From Swarovski and Preciosa crystals to feather boas, here at Crystal Parade we have it all and it is our mission to help you get creative!


Please send in your perfect Halloween costume ideas and if you have any pictures, even better! Who knows, you could get a mention on our page!

Happy Halloween to all creepy, crafty creatures. Get creating and get in touch!


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