We all know that Swarovski is the top dog in the crystal world, but not only have they limited the number of suppliers who can now sell their products in the UK, but they are also increasing their prices at an eye-watering rate.

Alternative crystal brands

Fortunately there are two other great quality crystal brands on the market, that are similar to Swarovski: Preciosa and Zodiac.

PRECIOSAPreciosa rhinestones are widely available and they produce top quality cut glass components to rival Swarovski. Even before 2021, many previously loyal Swarovski customers were switching to Preciosa, for a very similar but less expensive product.

The main difference between Swarovski and Preciosa flatback crystals is the way the stone is cut, i.e the number and design of the facets. In the example below, you can see that the Swarovski Xirius facets are cut into a star shape (named after the star, ‘Xirius’). Whereas the Preciosa Maxima facets are cut to make small and large areas. The smaller cuts catch the light beautifully which is why they can match the Swarovski sparkle.The other big difference between the two top brands, and the reason why many people have now switched to using Preciosa indefinitely, is the price. In general, Preciosa are around 30% cheaper than Swarovski and this is a huge advantage for designers who don’t need to rely on the Swarovski brand name – the proof is in the sparkle. A lower costing crystal means small businesses can offer a more competitive price.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an alternative brand?

Other than the cheaper prices, a big advantage of using a brand like Preciosa as an alternative to Swarovski, is that they have an almost identical product offering. So, if you have a business in the creative industry that is used to working with Swarovski, and needs to be able to offer similar products, you can rely on Preciosa to have a matching alternative in most cases.However, one disadvantage you could face by not using Swarovski products in your work, is that you would lose the brand name, and as Swarovski is very well known in the industry, this may put clients off. Although the Preciosa name is now becoming more well known and associated with a high quality product. And other similar brands like Zodiac are getting more popular too, especially with their competitive pricing.

The entire Preciosa range is available to purchase on our website and you can read more about Preciosa here.

ZODIACIntroducing Zodiac

With brilliant sparkle, a durable foil backing and scratch proof coating, Zodiac crystals are certain to impress. Since launching, Zodiac crystals have achieved 1900+ five-star reviews for quality & performance, with 96% of customers saying they would recommend them to a friend.

Zodiac crystals consistently match other top brands when it comes to quality and durability. They have been applied to many different surfaces without failure to adhere and we can assure our customers that they will stand the test of time.

The Zodiac brand is now recognized amongst costumiers, fashion designers, nail artists, crafters, blingers and dressmakers across the country as being a high quality and cost effective alternative to Swarovski.

The Zodiac CollectionWhile the ever expanding Zodiac collection offers a lot of the same products as Swarovski, including non hotfix and hotfix rhinestones, sew on stones, beads, pearls, crystal shapes, Rivoli buttons and rhinestone sheets, there are some items that don’t yet exist in the Zodiac brand. Chandelier components, pointy back chatons and shaped beads can only be purchased from Swarovski or Preciosa.

Can Zodiac match the famous Swarovski sparkle?

Zodiac is a Swarovski imitation brand of cut glass rhinestones, that have the same number of facets and the same Xirius style, as the Swarovski 2088 crystal, giving Zodiac an almost identical sparkle. When compared side by side, it's almost impossible to see the difference between the two brands.

We’ve had many customers comment on the likeness between Zodiac and Swarovski, and most of those have now switched to Zodiac. Our dress designers, costumiers and dancers are loving the AB sew on Rivoli, which has a stunning bright AB shine and is now preferred to the Swarovski brand.

Money, money, money.

Other than the quality of the product, customers are mostly interested in the price difference between Zodiac and Swarovski. With the cost of living rising, everyone is tightening their purse strings a little. This is why we are so keen to spread the word of Zodiac. In every like for like product, Zodiac can offer theirs at a fraction of the cost of Swarovski, meaning you can get much more sparkle for your money.Find out more about the Zodiac brand and what it can offer in these related articles:

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